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Lucy Bruton — Director

Having worked in marketing and communications for over half a decade, I have been around the block and learnt from the best! It takes a meticulously analytical eye with a magnificent flair of creativity and brilliant storytelling to make a brand shine. I want to add some sparkle to your story, not change it.

Before Social & Co was born, I noticed a gap in the market offering affordable MarCom solutions to small and medium sized businesses. Let’s be honest, start-ups don’t have thousands of dollars to throw at marketing and communications when trying to cover the fundamental costs of starting a business. We all have to start somewhere though, right? Cue Social & Co; my passion for helping small businesses thrive, grow and succeed within budget. It gives me the kind of satisfaction I can only relate to the feeling of cracking open your favourite bottle of vino or ordering your favourite takeout for a Saturday night in. Can’t beat it, right?

Let’s grab a coffee, have a chat and create some magic together!